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Passport and Visa regulations

As you would with any international vacation, be sure to check with your embassy or consulate for information that may be specific to you on your visit to Norway. Checking to see that you have your visa (if required), health insurance, and other documentation prepared will ensure that your visit to Norway is as wonderful as possible.






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Arrival in Norway


Most tourists arrive in Norway via Cruise Ships and Air.  There are over 50 airports in Norway and in the Western Fjord regions, Ferrys are the preferred method of transport.  When driving in Norway, dipped headlights must be used during daylight hours.  It is a legal requirement to carry a fluorescent vest and red triangle in the vehicle and Winter tyres must be used in winter.



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Tourism in Norway is characterised by Vikings, Polar bears, The Northern lights and Winter sports.  Norway is home to a huge variety of wildlife including Polar bears, Reindeer, Moose, Lynx and wolves.  Whale watching is also a popular activity.  


Known for their huge reindeer herds and colourful clothes, the indigenous Sami people still adhere to traditional customs.


Freshwater and deep-sea fishing trips are popular with tourists visiting Norway, which boasts 400 salmon bearing rivers and over 80,000Km of coastline.

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Northern Lights in Lofoten, Northern Norway