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A bunkhouse was traditionally a temporary form of accommodation offered to workers in remote areas of the world.  Today bunkhouses in The UK offer cheap, basic accommodation to those who love the outdoors and wan't to stay in those same remote places.


The term bunkhouse can be used to describe anything from a simple camping barn with nothing but a place to sleep and a log fire to a grand hostel with double beds and a cooked breakfast provided in the morning.  For simplicity, we include all types of accommodation in the bunkhouse family.


This website is run by and designed to connect outdoor enthusiasts with cheap accommodation including bunkhouses, hostels and camping barns in the places that we love, without the hassle (and cost) of finding a hotel.  We are, after all, here to enjoy our outdoor persuits rather than gold plated bath taps and a mini bar.


All accommodation listed on this site falls into the catagory of a bunkhouse whether it be a simple camping barn or an elaborate hostel.  


We are constantly updating our listings and adding new accommodation, so bookmark this page and check back frequently!


Felldyke Bunkhouse

Group accommodation in The Lake District